What are you doing to help defeat the Kaiser?Worried about global warming? Find out:

• Why Global Warming Is Happening
• How We’re Sure
• Who’s Lying About It
• Where You May Not Want To Live
• What Makes the Media Alternate Between Panic and Silence
• Plus: What A Green New Deal Can Do For You and Yours

Dear Person Reading This Site:

“Global Warming: What’s In It For You?” is a climate guidebook I’ve been working on for three years. This site is a way to get you and the rest of the smart and sexy reading public excited about it so that my agent and I can finally find a publisher and spread the word.

You can read the first 9 chapters 100% FOR FREE right here! That’ll take you through the discovery of global warming, the denier campaign about it, and why a Green New Deal would benefit everybody and pay for itself. Start on this page or download a PDF or eBook version.

This is a climate book for everybody: despairing young people, misinformed old people, and everyone in between. So tell anyone you know who’s worried about the climate. And if you’re a publisher, please contact Eddie Schneider at Jabberwocky Literary Agency and shower him with offers. Thank you.



glob·al adj. of, relating to, or involving the entire world

warm·ing v. increasing heat

You’ve already heard a lot about global warming. Some of it is true. The air really is heating up and human industry is definitely the cause. The seas are rising and the weather is getting harsher: bigger storms, longer droughts, higher temperatures . . . ugh.

Other things you might have heard are NOT TRUE:

• That it is too late to do something. (Nope. We’ve got time. Not a lot, but probably enough.)
• That eco lunatics want us all to live as miserable peasants on soy rations and never do anything fun. (Ha, no. Dealing with climate means ordinary Americans will work less, eat better, and play more.)
• That climate action will cost so much it bankrupts the country. (This is hilariously wrong. Reforming now is a lot cheaper than rebuilding later and the only people who are going to get poorer currently fly on private jets. The rest of us will get richer.)

That’s the good news. The bad news is that an awful lot of the private jet people actively oppose doing anything meaningful, and they’ve bought themselves a lot of followers. “Global Warming: What’s In It For You?” is a book that explains all that and more. It’s a guide to where we are, how we got here, and what can come next.



Preface: The Weather Outside Your Window (<- Click the Preface to read it in your browser.)
Author’s Note: A Very Brief Rant About Why Celsius Sucks

Part I – Grade School Science and Grade School Bullies

1. Climate Change And You: Forget 2100 (We’ll All Be Dead By Then), Let’s Talk 2030 and 2050
2. The Wonderful World of Science!!
3. The Biggest Video Game in the World: Understanding Uncertainty
4. The Long Con: Denying Global Warming for Fun and Profit

Part II – Myths, Lies, and Advertising

5. Terrible Coverage and Such Small Portions: A Media Field Guide
6. Sponsored Content: Fairy Tales, Science Fiction, and other Make-Believe
7. Why Your Phone Battery Is Always Low: Energy In Modern Life
8. Raw Bullshit: A Green Deal Is Too Expensive

Cliffhanger: The Promise and Peril of the 2020s


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